Five Takeaways From The Steelers vs Buccaneers game

1. First Half Steelers look like Steelers off old, Second Half Steelers look like the new Steelers

The Steelers had me worried coming into the game and when they allowed the Buccaneers to drive all the way down the field, I was even more worried. Not to throw on the fact that Big Ben threw that first quarter interception that was intended for Juju. But after that, the Steelers seem to come life. The defense was forcing turnovers and the Antonio seems to be happy as he got the ball. He even scored as well. The Steelers went into halftime looking like their old self as they led the game 30 to 10. But that second half, the Steelers seems to return back to their new self as the offense couldn’t get nothing going and that defense allows Ryan Fitzpatrick to move around the ball as the Buccaneers begins to score. Hopefully, this win for the Steelers could push them in the right direction.

2. Too many penalties for the Steelers

Another week for the Steelers and another week with twelve flags. One of the big flags that happened was with Darrius Heyward-Bey on the punt return. On the punt return, Heyward-Bey received two flags. One of those flag was unsportsmanlike conduct. That stop the punt from being at the one yard-line for the Buccaneers to moving the Buccaneers to the 20-yard line. The Steelers have to slow down and not get some many flags in upcoming weeks. They face some serious competition.

3. Big Ben and Antonio Brown is still not on the same page!

Antonio Brown still isn’t getting his touches but it’ll be something that he will have to deal with this year. Tonight, Ben spreading the ball around to all of the other weapons and he looked great doing it. The offense was flowing and everyone was doing their thing. As we go through the season, AB will have his ten target a week. He’ll just have to make the most of it.

4. Desean Jackson need to do more punt return

Boy, the Buccaneers need to let Jackson return their punt for the year. The man ran the ball back so fast and return for a touchdown before the play got called for a hold. If D-Jax did that one punt return, I wonder how many more he can return.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick should keep the starting spot for one more week.

Through the first two games, Ryan “FitzMagic” have look really good as he kept the Buccaneers afloat while starting QB Jameis was suspended. Against the Steelers, FitzMagic turn into his old self as he threw three interceptions in the first half. In the second half, he tried to lead the Buccaneers on a comeback but was unsuccessful as the Bucs came up short. Jameis finally get to return to the team on Monday as looked to get his starter spot back. I think Fitzpatrick should be the starter for one more week as the Buccaneers played the Bears in Chicago. If Fitzpatrick struggled badly, then I would let Jameis go into the game and we go from there.

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