The Not So Hot Start

The Steelers and Browns Finished Their Week 1 Game In A Tie 


The Pittsburgh Steelers started this season against the Cleveland Browns without their starting running back, Le’Veon Bell, due to his contract issues (which probably won’t be resolved this season). The game started out pretty slow since both teams didn’t score until the second quarter. The Steelers was first on the board with a James Conner 4-yard run into the end zone. Conner started in place of Le’Veon Bell, and he looked amazing. Even though he was stripped of the ball by Myles Garrett late in the fourth quarter, he carried the ball 21 times for 135 rushing yards and caught the ball five times for 57 receiving yards, totaling to 192 total yards.

Opposite to Conner’s game, “Big Ben” Roethlisberger did not look great. He forced passes into tight coverage, and there was a case where a Browns defender has the chance to intercept a pass. Roethlisberger’s was 23 of 41 for 335 yards in the air, one touchdown, and three interceptions. Browns Rookie Denzel Ward picked off Big Ben twice.

The defense played an acceptable game, although Joe Haden’s hamstring injury in the second half caused the Steelers’ defense to lag quite a bit. They were able to get pressure on Tyrod Taylor throughout the game.

Luckily, the game went into overtime. Taylor, who scored on a rushing touchdown early connected with wide receiver Josh Gordon with 1:58 left in the fourth quarter for a 17-yard touchdown.  On the Browns’ last possession before overtime, Cameron Sutton was able to intercept a ball intended for Gordon.

The six turnovers committed during the game by the Steelers messed them up. ALong with the three interceptions, three fumbles were recovered by the Browns to give their offense the ball back. One key turnover was Joe Schubert’s interception with 0:38 left in overtime. Schubert caught the ball that went into the air, ran down the sideline before being knocked out-of-bounds around the ten-yard line by Center Maurice Pouncey. Fortunately for the Steelers and unfortunately for the Browns, their kicker missed the game-winning field goal that would have sent the Browns their first victory in over a year. The Browns will play the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, and the Steelers


My take:


The Steelers didn’t play their best ball today. Big Ben looked god awful and was forcing passes he shouldn’t have been forcing. James Conner looked good as the starter running back. He was able to score twice during the game. Now, we got to wait to see what Le’Veon Bell plan to do in the upcoming week. Hopefully, he returns. The defense looks good for the most part. They were able to get pressure and get to the quarterback a few times. They were able to get seven sacks and two interceptions during the game. Suck for Joe Haden to go out of the game. We needed him when it matters the most. Next week, the Steelers will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs as the Chiefs will be traveling red hot and fresh off of their victory over the LA Chargers. The Steelers have had the Chiefs number for a while and they look to slow down the Chiefs in the upcoming weekend. The Chiefs will have a new quarterback under Center in Patrick Mahomes, a second-year player from Texas Tech. He takes over for reign at Quarterback as the Chiefs trading away their former starting Quarterback, Alex Smith, to the Washington Redskins. Can the Steelers win this game? I certainly think so, but they can’t play like how they were against the Browns. That performance was awful. Hopefully, Le’Veon does come back.

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