College Football Rankings: Week 3 Reactions

The previous weekend of college football was a crazy one. We watched the number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs get destroyed by their rival, the 10th ranked Auburn Tigers,
40-10. We also watched the second-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide be put to the test by Mississippi State, but they pulled away in the final minutes of the game. In addition to those two games, there were other games that were big as well.  Undefeated Miami (ranked 7th) took on Notre Dame (ranked 3rd) and Oklahoma (ranked 5th) took on TCU (ranked 6th). Both Miami and Oklahoma were able to win their games and better their chances to make the final College Football Playoff polls. We also saw 4th ranked Clemson defeat Florida State, who hasn’t been at their best this year 31-14. Meanwhile, 9th ranked Washington was upset by Stanford.

Week 3’s College Football Playoff poll was unveiled on Tuesday evening after the ending of NCAA Basketball.  The new number one team was revealed to be Alabama (10-0), whom many thought should have been granted the spot when the College Football Playoff rankings first came out.  Their next two games will be at home versus Mercer, then on the road at Auburn (8-2), who is now ranked 6th. Alabama and Auburn will face off in the Iron Bowl, and the winner of that game proceeds to play 7th ranked Georgia in the SEC Championship game. All three teams have a shot to be in the College Football Playoff if they win out.

This week the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams reign from the ACC conference. Clemson (9-1) is ranked before Miami (9-0), even though they are undefeated. I strongly believe that the rankings should have been reversed between the two. Both teams will play in the ACC Championship Game, and the winner will be in the playoffs and then go to play for a National Championship.

Ranked 4th is the Oklahoma Sooners led by Hemisan front-runner, Baker Mayfield. Oklahoma has the safest bet to make the playoffs. Their next game is against an one win Kansas team and West Virginia (ranked 24th). Oklahoma’s schedule is easier than other top ten ranked teams in the polls.

Now, the team that’s sitting outside out of the top 4 in the College Football rankings is the Wisconsin Badgers, sitting at #5. Wisconsin is undefeated and holds their destiny to make the Playoffs, only if they win out and someone that ranks in the top four in Week 3 of the College Football Playoff rankings loses.

A team that has fallen in this week rankings from #3 to #8 is the Norte Dame Fighting Irish after their loss to #3 rank Miami. Their chances to make the Playoffs is over. Coming in at #9 and #10 in the rankings are Ohio State and Penn State, respectively. If both teams win out, they both would have to hope for upsets to make the College Football playoffs.

Ultimately, if Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, and/or Wisconsin loses a game, chaos will be in full force on who will make it in. Look for these next few weeks to be very interesting.

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